Who we are

As a guest at Clarion Hotel® you instantly sense our competence and experience, in combination with our courage. 
Our rebellious attitude and constant curiosity has made us confident, sophisticated and out of order. Not as in broken, but as in out of the usual order of things. When you walk in our doors you know what you’re getting, but you can also expect the unexpected. In the best way.


The pulse of the city is ensured by the Clarion Community Clubs, and as our guest you will always experience our signature elements like our omelet chefs during breakfast, our Rituals amenities in the shower, and our wonderful large hotel pillows in bed. We always walk that extra mile in order to make you feel important and special. The feeling you get by entering our hotels is created by passionate people with a twinkle in the eye. Our genuine interest in others makes Clarion all about living, and not just staying. 


We ARE personal, we HAVE passion and we strive to DO perfection!


Clarion Living,
Not Just Staying.

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