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Nordic Food at Clarion Hotel®

With seasonal quality products Clarion Hotel® contributes to lower the human footprint by focusing on sustainable and local food. We do this by using local farmers and ensure short transportation, when possible. By showcasing these exceptional Nordic ingredients, we not only elevate the dining experience for our guests but also contribute to the prosperity of local communities and advance environmental conservation efforts.


This commitment to sustainability extends across all of our 35 hotels at all 21 destinations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The Nordic countries have some of the best products and they’re sought after all around the world – and there’s a very good reason for that.

Catch of the day -
Clarion hotel® the edge

Our kitchen extends from within the hotel walls, to out there in the many fjords, forests and farms of our neighbours. When you order the catch of the day you can trust that the fish on your plate is as fresh as it gets. True story! Our promise to serve Nordic food whenever possible ensures minimal transport for local freshness, and we are both proud and privileged to be able to put this on our menus and on your plate, all year round. 

Come with us for a morning trip out on the fjords of Tromsø as we bring you the catch of the day


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